Why choose an electric bike?

Traditional bikes are great. Gets you out into the great outdoors, the mountains, hills and country roads. But what if you had some assistance when you pedal or have the ability to pedal that little bit further. Maybe you have had an injury that stops you going on longer bike rides. E Bikes maybe the right solution for you.

E Bikes offer great health benefits and with the pedal assist this means you can no longer fear a hill or slight incline – you can go straight up with with a flick of a switch. E Bikes aren’t electric motorbikes but provide powered assistance when you pedal means there is no need for a motor licence.

Ideal for commuting longer distances and ideal if you want to tackle a mountain trail but fear the distance or terrain. You charge the battery, slot it into the battery compartment and away you go. The charge can last a long time and depends on your terrain but they are an ideal alternative to traditional bikes.

Our E-Beics have been designed to tackle both road and mountain. The sturdy design means you can be assured of a sold ride but with the assistance to help you along your way.

Try an e-beic – you won’t be disappointed !