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E- Bikes from E-Beic

A fantastic and innovative electric bike with assistance from E-Beic.

getting back in the mountains
with an e-beic

The latest e-bike

Named after the most famous mountain in Wales, our Snowdon Mountain Bike, in welsh slate grey, is a great blend of design and proven quality components.

long charge

After a full charge of about 5 hours the Snowdon will cover up to 60 kilometers on one charge. Naturally this depends on how high the motor assistance you're using is set, and the gradients you're on. In real world use we're getting about 40 kilometers on real roads with real gradients. Perfect for commuting to work and back, or a weekend ride out with the family.

Easy setup and use

Most of the bike comes pre-built, with just four bits requiring fitting. These are the saddle, handlebars, pedals and front wheel. Full instructions are supplied wit the bike, and we're also developing a YouTube channel to show how to assemble the Beic, and our online user guide

effortless cycling

For those more senior in years, or worried about fitness levels, our Snowdon mountain bike brings low effort cycling from the motor assistance. Arrive at work feeling fresh and healthy, not hot and sweaty

comfortable ride

For a comfortable and effortless journey, the Snowdon is equiped with front adjustable suspension forks, and for safety it has front and rear disc brakes. Snowdon also has 7 gears, from Shimano. With power assistance this all makes for a safe comfy ride.

cycle for longer

With power assistance you don't need as many gears, making for a more relaxed ride. Cycle further and for longer than you expect, with the comfort of power to help you up the hills and on the way home. Perfect for social cycling and commuting, and helping you get back onto two wheels.

Testing the e-beic

I recently trialed the Snowdonia E mountain bike for a couple of weeks to commute to work  and back (some 11 miles each way). After some initial scepticism I quickly acclimatised to the bikes ‘set up and feel’ and have to say that I got quite attached to it. It performed very well overall and the assisted pedalling was a welcome bonus on the way home (after a busy day), especially on the prolonged ‘up hill’ aspect of the journey. It was comfortable, user friendly and surprisingly agile. The unique look of the bike also grew on me and the guys at work ( who also tried the bike) thought it was quite stealth looking. Battery time is good, charging is straight forward and the settings offered can be altered according to the terrain, gradient and how much assistance the rider is looking for. All in all, I liked the bike and might well consider one in the future. 

The Snowdon E-Beic is well priced at £1,950 including VAT. We can deliver across mainland UK, boxed for self assembly.

Should you want to collect your E-Beic from us we can build it for you and set up the gears correctly, all free of charge in the price of £1,950.