Riders review Snowdon

Quite a few of the people who have been out on our Snowdon e-beic have given us some feedback, much of which is also on our Face book page https://www.facebook.com/eBeics

“after quite a long time of thinking what is the point of an ebike? if you want to pedal something, just pedal.. if you want assistance buy a car.. I got the chance to encounter one of these bikes and first of all I was impressed with the build quality of it, it reminded me of a Tonka truck as a kid, chunky and solid, very very sturdy but then I got hold of it and it’s very light. started to ride it and with an a half turn of a pedal I immediately understood the purpose of an ebike it’s amazing, totally confuses you at first with having silence assistance but I was hooked.. can’t wait to own one..”

Graham P, North Wales, Feb 2019 – via Facebook page

“I very recently test rode the E-Beic (Snowdon model) and I have to say I was very impressed.
The build quality is obvious to see, and combined with its rugged looks and very modern design, it’s a definate winner for me.
The actual process of riding the bike is pretty effortless. When the electric assistance kicks in, (within half a pedal rotation) you can feel the difference immediately and it will without doubt, encourage a lot of people to join the E-Beic revolution!
I’m hooked and will be following the progress with enthusiasm 😀”

Darren B, North Wales, Jan 2019 – via facebook page